Green Spaces, Great Food, and a Clear Mind

A Free Day Out in a Central London Oasis

Despite the success of Meditation in the Park 2011, there will be no Meditation in the Park 2012.

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What is Meditation in the Park?

Meditation in the Park is a special, free day out in a beautiful, hidden green space in Central London. It's a day of picnics, prizes, family, friends and community and for trying many new things including free tuition from experienced instructors in simple, effective and fun techniques which can improve your health and wellbeing. In 2011 it was attended by over 2000 people and was featured in The TimesTimeOut, and LondonTown.

Meditation in the Park is like a village fête, with different stalls with activities in which to take part. There are many things to try such as:

The day is entirely up to you. You pick and choose which activitied you'd like to take part in.

Meditation in the Park ends with a finale group meditation led by acclaimed teacher and local resident Guru Kaur, followed by the handing out of prizes by the Friends of Russia Dock Woodland Chairman, Steve Cornish.

Who's Involved

Meditation in the Park is hosted by the Friends of Russia Dock Woodland and is in collaboration with local organisation Regally Graceful. The event is made possible by many volunteers and local residents. The goal is to strengthen the sense of community, both locally and London-wide, and to promote the use of the city's ecological spaces in a way that honours them and while giving people skills that can improve their lives.

Prizes at Meditation in the Park 2011Funding, prizes for picnics and other assistance for Meditation in the Park has been provided by many generous supporters.

Meditation in the Park has been featured in...

Why Meditation?

Passerbys are intrigued by the Women's Masterclass with Guru Kaur at MitP2011Meditation is something that people in every society throughout history have used to deal with stress, to calm and strengthen their minds and to feel better physically and emotionally.

It isn’t just something that you do sitting crossed-legged on the floor. It’s about how you live every aspect of your life. It doesn’t cost anything to do, and it’s a fantastic thing to learn along with your children.

What if I've never meditated before?

That's great! This event is for everybody. Absolutely no previous experience
is needed.

Want to be involved?

The Fruit Meditation at MitP2011Would you or your organisation like to contribute to this unique event? Please contact us with information about any of the following:

  • Volunteering
  • Financial support
  • Promotional support
  • Prize donations

Meditation in the Park does not allow any promotional marketing on the day.


A Free Day Out! Learn to Meditate Prizes Family Friendly


"Meditation in the Park is a place for families and friends to come together and learn something new. It's a lovely day to chill and just be."
- Michelle Momsen, N1

"Brilliant day, lovely people. Couldn't believe everything was free! Will definitely come again next year. "
- Anonymous, SE16

"This is the third event my husband and I have attended, and we anticipate its arrival every year. It is run by wonderfully conscious people who seem to spread their light over everyone...We would not miss it for the world."
- Julia and Ret, SE16

"Meditation in the Park is the remedy to modern life in London. Step back from the rush, breathe, learn new things and meet (and make!) your community. "
- Lindsay, N4

"A simple way of solving some big life problems."
- Anonymous, N1 0JF

"Beautiful time-out from the hectic London we're so used to."
- Lisa, E14

"The event was well organized. There was something for everybody: kids, elderly, men, women.. We had a lot of fun, met lovely people and enjoyed the activities altogether!"
- Anonymous, SE16

"A very valuable learning experience. I am definitely going back when the next session comes up. "
- Arniel Habac, NW11 9LD

"A truly inspiring, enchanting, enjoyable day in a great location with lots to learn and reflect on. Simply wonderful! Keep it going!!"
- Muriel, UB7

"It was a beautiful day, so nice to see people relaxing and enjoying themselves, learning valuable techniques."
- Anonymous, SE16 2HS

"I would very much recommend meditation in the park- a lovely atmosphere and a great chance to try yoga or meditation for the first time, try a different version or just join in with a bunch of like-minded people."
- Karen Cain, TN14

"delightful and inspiring. great to have a break from consumerism etc."
- Rose, SE16

"Meet your friends and neighbours in lovely relaxed settings and see how much more friendly we really are! If we don't use our parks and participate we may not always have them."
- Alma Boulton, SE16

"I enjoyed the atmosphere... Meditation is a subject I wanted to learn more about and the extra events (eg cheesemaking) were well thought out and made for a relaxed and special afternoon. Well done everyone! "
- Louise Clement, SE17

"A well organised yet chilled, laid back event in a beautiful environment involving the whole community. Well worth a visit."
- michelle oconnor, SE16

"Enjoyable, relaxing, FREE, socialable, interesting, fantastic. Thank You to all the volunteers."
- Joan O'Connell, SE116EZ

"It was a good atmosphere. I overheard nothing scary or negative from the crowd and didn't feel any imposition to my heart or mind. It was relaxed and felt friendly and genuine - a lovely event in beautiful surroundings."
- Nancy Sarre, SE14 5TW

"A day of sunshine and peace in the middle of a busy life."
- Eddie Doherty, WV3 8LY

"To experience complete calm in a city like London is close to a miracle, and I could hear the blood in my veins and the heartbeat of my friends, the leaves and the peace were whispering to me all day."
- Ursula Dekker, SE23

"It was a really great experience which taught me how peaceful and positive it is to meditate with other souls."
- Aimee Alfieri, BN1 3RB

"Excellent group effort of the event, well coordinated, brought families together to spend quality time together engaging in the activities and learning about being with nature and at peace with all in a community."
- Dr. Rohinin Kapur, SE16 6QN

"Loved it - great classes, nice people, friendly relaxed atmosphere and food for thought! Many thanks for a wonderful day!"
- Leonie, E1W

"Meditation in the Park has a very special atmosphere - and you cant quite believe that something this good could be free and so enjoyable. It's a great way to get in touch with your spiritual side (everyone has one!)."
- Ian Morton, W1U 6BT

"The world of meditation seemed shrouded in mystery, complicated, and impossible to learn before the event. I'm so glad I went. I learnt the importance of breathing, could actually feel my stresses washing away and I learnt so much in a friendly, supportive and...not *too* alternative environment. A perfect beginners guide to relaxation and meditation. " - Catherine Hall, N1

"Excellent chance to get the family together, do something out of the ordinary and have the kids enthused about being out in the sun, doing yoga and learning. Brilliant as per last year. "
- Nicola Hobbs, SE8

"Bringing the community together. Getting to know your neighbours."
- Linda Manley, SE16 7DH

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"Woodpeckers, butterflies...poppies...
It's just idealic..."

"Giving people real skills they can use..."

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